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Mobile phone detectors to spot drivers using devices

Mobile phones are a primary source of distraction while behind the wheel, and despite it being illegal, 25% of UK drivers admit that they have used their phones while driving at some point in the last year. According to the RAC, these figures haven’t changed significantly...

Children play with building blocks at their nursery whilst the staff understand the benefits of nursery insurance from William Taylor insurance brokers.

How to set up your day nursery… What Insurance do you need?

For those who are passionate about children’s wellbeing and development, setting up your own nursery may feel like your dream job. Working with children is often fulfilling, always full of challenges and can evoke an unrivalled feeling of pride having contributed towards the development of...

An electrician at work, helping a landlord understand the new electrical safety laws.

Landlords: Make sure you know the new electrical safety laws

Following on from the government’s initiative to improve standards in the rental sector, tough new rules for electrical inspections have been introduced. These are intended to offer greater protection for tenants in private rented accommodation. These rules serve to ensure that landlords arrange electrical inspections that...

Flags of the EU fly high as William Taylor insurance brokers explain the Green Card.

Planning on driving abroad? The Green Card explained

In the event of no-deal Brexit on 29 March, UK motorists planning on driving in Europe will need a Green Card. Use our handy guide to ensure you’re well in the know. What is the Green Card and why do I need it?The Green Card is...

Autumn leaves falling on the ground near William Taylor head office in Essex.

Attack of the autumn leaves – Avoiding blocked drains

A build-up of fallen leaves can clog up your drains, affecting their ability to carry water away from your property. Whilst a small obstruction could cause slow drainage and frustration, a larger blockage could result in the back-up of water and flooding. Long-term, blocked drains...

Tradesmen – Defend yourselves against scammers

Tradesmen should be vigilant, especially when self-employed, one wrong click of an email or letting your financial information fall into the wrong hands can leave you vulnerable to cyber-crime. Here are some tips to try and protect yourself from cyber-attacks....

How much would it cost to rebuild your property?

Arranging buildings insurance is based not just on your property’s ‘market value’ but also its ‘rebuild costs’. Whether you own a Residential or Commercial property, it’s important to get the calculations right. Here are some top tips for getting your rebuild value sums correct....

What is Management Liability?

Guy Penn are here to explain a little more about Management Liability Insurance, so you can decide whether or not you can be without it....

Listed buildings: what you need to know

Do you own or operate a listed building, if so you may have encountered a few extra challenges when it comes to arranging adequate cover...